Today we proudly announce the game Blue Nebula. Blue Nebula is a fork of Red Eclipse 1 and can be seen as a community continuation of its development.

Blue Nebula is built by a team of eager community members who don’t like some (gameplay) design decisions in Red Eclipse 2. This new release is based on a newer engine called Tesseract, a fork of Cube 2 which introduced a lot of modern and fancy graphics at the cost of increased hardware requirements, and changes a lot of the gameplay mechanics we all like so much.

The game itself is fully compatible with Red Eclipse 1.5.8 to 1.6 at this point, so you can use Blue Nebula to play on Red Eclipse servers and play on Blue Nebula servers with Red Eclipse. There is a great chance that this will change eventually, as we have some plans which will break compatibility with the current protocol. Be assured we are going to try to maintain compatibility for as long as possible, though.

Now, you may ask, what are those plans? Well, some of them have already been realized! For example, @MoonPadUSer has stepped into the strange and unknown world known as Cubescript and started to change and rewrite lots of the menus in the client. These changes improve the user experience greatly, and make the game more accessible for people who don’t speak English as well. Below is the main menu you’re presented when you launch the game for example:

New main menu (slightly outdated screenshot, with old theming)

New main menu

There’s a lot more to come! We’re working on many not-so-visible changes under the hood, overall improving the user experience, performance and ultimately the fun you have playing our game.

Please feel free to pass our Wiki a visit, and check out the Not-so-much-a Roadmap as well as the Wishlist and check out what’s more or less planned. We’re collecting ideas at this point. Please feel free to get in touch with us via IRC (#blue-nebula on the freenode network (webchat)).