Another milestone for our community has been reached: in collaboration with FreeGameDev, we now offer a good ol’ forum for discussions around Blue Nebula. Our community can ask questions, share maps and mods or propose ideads to the development team.

Who is FreeGameDev?

FreeGameDev, along with Free Gamer and a few other services (including a chat, a Wiki, and a lot more), is a global community around the world of free/open-source games. Many games have started their communities there, including Red Eclipse.

In order to avoid having to deal with legal questions in this early state of the project, we asked FreeGameDev whether they were willing to provide us with a subforum. This way, we can provide our community with a classic forum, where ideas and user content can be shared, tournaments be organized, clans be founded, matches be reviewed and so much more. Last weekend, the team member Julius had time to set up our Blue Nebula subforum and three subforums therein.


It’s easier to separate the discussion area for development (e.g., GitHub issues) from the regular community discussion, as this allows the developers to work efficiently. We offer a development forum, where features can be proposed more easily (of course, GitHub issues are welcome, but some people don’t have an account or don’t want to sign up there), a Maps & Mods forum where users can present their creations, and a general discussion area which is responsible for all other topics.

Thanks, FreeGameDev!

We thank FreeGameDev for hosting our community, and especially Julius for taking care of our request. We’re honored to be a “featured project”, and are looking forward to a productive and successful time.